Release Notes: What’s new in latest version

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest product “SMS Magic Interact” version 1.43.6 and the highlights about the features included in it.

Product Overview-:

SMS Magic Interact is a plug and play application on Salesforce CRM. It provides the capability to send/receive SMS notifications on salesforce CRM. Our application integrates seamlessly with all the features of Salesforce environment.

Before you proceed with upgrade/installation of this latest version, lets have a look at some prerequisites.

System requirements :

  1. This upgrade is available for customers currently using SMS Magic Interact version 1.41 and above. If you are using Interact version lower than 1.41, please reach out to our support team to go ahead with upgrade.
  2. If you are using Person Account and have set-up lookup configuration for multiple phone fields (e.g. PersonMobilePhone, HomePhone etc) of accounts, then please make sure you have unique mobile numbers stored in each field of particular person account record.
  3. The support for formula field on SMS History record is discontinued. So please ensure that you do not have any Formula field created as custom field on the SMS History object.
  4. Setup similar lookup fields on incoming SMS which you have already setup on SMS history object. If any object has a lookup in SMS History object, please make sure that the same object has a lookup relationship with Incoming SMS object in order to avoid any issues to lookup incoming responses with particular record.

Below are the key highlights about the changes in interact 1.43.6, please go through it and feel free to write to us for any suggestions/feedback.

Cross object template rendering for manual messages :

User now can add fields in a template which resides in related object (object having lookup relation with the object for which you are setting up template). You can add up-to 3 levels. i.e.

if you are creating template for Contact then you can also use merge fields of account in the SMS Template e.g. Contact.Account.Phone ;

Provision to show only approved templates :

Admin user can control access of SMS Magic templates by using approval process of sales-force. User will be able to see only approved templates while sending message if approval is enabled.

Incoming SMS records are editable :

User can now modify the incoming SMS records and update the lookup field in case required.

Send SMS  to 3 phone fields with single Send SMS button :

User can now send sms to 3 phone fields by clicking on single send SMS button. User need to add those fields in button script to start using the same.

Encrypted type field will be rendered in template :

Latest version now allows you to render text encrypted type field in SMS template i.e. you can use encrypted field in sms template with SMS Magic Interact.

If user has permission to “View Encrypted Field” then user can see encrypted text in plain text.

Error log Object :

A new error log object has been added in Interact package. This object will capture errors related to SMS Magic Interact app.

Credit Check :

Before running a SMS campaign from Campaign object, there will be a credit check to ensure that all SMS’s are delivered and appropriate action is taken by the user if balance is insufficient.

Any feedback/ suggestions awaited :)

Keep texting. Keep your customers happy!

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