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Why SMS Magic App Needs Mobile Numbers To Be Stored In Standard Salesforce Format

What is Standard Salesforce Format?

Any mobile number stored in the following format - (xxx) xxx-xxxx is said to be in the standard Sf format.

Why SMS Magic app needs mobile numbers to be stored in standard Sf format?

So that incoming messages are attached successfully to the intended Lead, Contact, Account or Custom Object Record.

When you receive a new incoming sms in Sf, SMS Magic app picks up the number from the Incoming SMS Record and starts searching it in the Objects's Mobile field which is defined in the Incoming Lookup Configuration setting.

Users in Sf have the independence to store the numbers in the mobile field of a record in any format, meaning, they can add parenthesis, hyphens(-), comma(,), dot(.), spaces anywhere between the numbers along with the extension number.

However, SMS Magic app does not address to all formats. Adding to this if a User adds an extension number in the mobile number, it is no longer a valid mobile number to send text messages and to expect an incoming sms to attach to a record successfully.

Hence the numbers should be stored in standard Sf format.

So what should be done for the mobile numbers to be stored in standard Sf format? Is there a validation check provided by SMS Magic Team?

Yes! We do provide with a workflow rule which will change the mobile number in standard Sf format as long as the digit count is 10

This workflow rule will consist of two field update workflow actions.

First field update - To remove all the non-numeric characters(Assuming mobilephone as the field) -
SUBSTITUTE( MobilePhone , "(", ""), ")", ""), " ", ""), "-", ""), ".", "")

Second field update - To update the field to standard sf format.

Make sure to select "Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change".

'('& MID( MobilePhone ,1, 3) &') '& MID( MobilePhone ,4,3)&'-'& MID( MobilePhone ,7,4)

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