How to upgrade from version 1.41 to version 1.43.6

Before you go ahead with upgrade, please check impact of the upgrade by clicking on link below:

What’s new in SMS Magic Interact version 1.43.6 | June’15

Step 1: Check the current SMS Magic Interact version which you are using. (It should be version 1.41 and above to go ahead with the upgrade. If you are using version older than 1.41, we suggest you, to get in touch with our support team for upgrade):

Goto Setup>Build>Installed Packages and search for SMS Magic Interact (See below screenshot for reference)

screen 1


You can also check the same in the customer portal (See below screenshot for reference)

screen 2


Steps to upgrade the package from 1.41 to 1.43.6

Step 1: log-in to Customer Portal with your SF credentials and follow the below steps:

Click on Get Started

Screen 3


Then, click on “Install”

Screen 4


Then, select “Click here to Install SMS Magic”

Screen 5


Step 2 : Then click on “Install for all Users” and select “upgrade”

Screen 6


Step 3: Once upgrade is completed, click on done

Screen 7


Step 4: Once installed, you can see the Application version in Setup>Build>Installed Packages (See screenshot for reference)

Screen 8


Step 5 : After Successfull Installation, click on “SMS-Home” where you will be able to view your Account details, SMS Credits and subscription type

Screen 9


Once the above mentioned steps are completed, your org will be ready to use the latest version of SMS Magic Interact.

In case of any issue or concern, please feel free to reach us at