· First click on the “Setup” on the top right corner of the Salesforce Instance.

· Then on the Left Panel -> under the “Administrater” -> “Communication Templates” -> “Email Templates”. (I am also adding an image of the same for your reference)

· Click on “New Template” and then create a new email template as per your requirement.

· You can add an email template body (sharing an image for the same)

As shown in the image you can add the following items in the email body –

· Sender Name

· Date of Creation of SMS

· Mobile Number of the Sender

· SMS Text

After you are done with the Email Template, you need to setup workflow rules. Please follow the below instructions –

· Go to “Setup” on the top right corner of the Salesforce Instance.

· On the Left Panel -> on the Search textbox, type “Workflow”. Attaching an image for your reference.

· Create a new Workflow rule by clicking on “New Rule”

· Click on the Incoming SMS as the object from the drop down menu. Click on Next.

· Give a Rule Name and fill the Description (optional).

· In the Evaluation Criteria select the first option which says “Created”, because as per your requirement you want an email notification on every incoming message.

· In the Rule Criteria, please select the second option which says “formula evaluates to true”, and in the textbox simply write “True” (sharing an image of the above given steps.)

Click on “Save and Next” after you have followed these steps.

Now Click on the “Add Workflow Action” -> New Email Alert (Sharing an image.)

· Now fill all the required fields and select the email template which you just created. Click Save.

· Then Click on Done. Click on Activate. (Please do not forget to click on the Activate button.)