We have add-on package with which you can log Incoming SMS and Outgoing SMS’s together, either in “Activity History” or in “SMS History” itself.

We suggest you to install this add-on package in your sandbox first and check if it suits your need.

Once you are done with installation of this package,


  • Goto Setup--> Develop-->Custom settings-
  • Click on “Manage” of “SMSMagicConversationSetting”, and click “New” & add “Name”
  • “Check” this setting to add all the messages (incoming and outgoing) to Activity History and save the setting. Once you set this option, you can see the activity history logged for each outgoing & incoming SMS record as like below screenshot
  • If you want to see all the messages (incoming and outgoing) in SMS History then “Uncheck” this setting and save the setting.

After this settings, further incoming and outgoing SMS’s which you will receive/send, will get auto added in the Activity History or SMS History of the corresponding Object as per your above settings which you setup.

Below is the link for the SMS conversation view add on package, version 1.2