When a ZOHO user is trying to get registered on the SMS Magic Portal, many a times they face the below error at the first step:

There are two possible reasons for this error :

  1. Incorrect ZOHO credentials are entered: Enter the correct ZOHO credentials and the issue should be resolved. If you still see the same error then you may have Two-factor authentication enabled for the account.
  2. If the user has a special character in the password.
  3.  When the Two-factor authentication is enabled for the account: When the two-factor authentication is enabled for any account, we, at SMS Magic, are unable to generate the authentication token using the customer's ZOHO credentials. The workaround to this would be to generate an application specific password. The steps to do the same are listed below:
  • Go to your Zoho CRM ->Click on My Account -> Security ->Two Factor Authentication
  • Under Application Specific Passwords, click on  Manage Application Specific Passwords
  • Enter Application name like 'SMS Magic' and enter your ZOHO CRM password
  • Click on generate button. It will generate the application specific password.
  • Use this application-specific password, you would be able to save your credentials in the Step #1 and proceed to the next steps. 

If you still have the same problem then reach out to the Screen Magic Support Team and they will assist further.