To send out group SMS's or campaigns pleases refer below images:

Step 1: Login to your customer portal. Once you are logged in the portal, Goto Campaigns and select "SMS Campaigns" from the drop down (refer below screenshot)






Step 2: On the campaign page, you can either create a new campaign or re-run an existing one (refer below screenshot)



Step 3: While creating a new campaign, please enter the appropriate details in the specified fields and upload a .csv file (or you can choose an existing .csv file) and then click on "Next" button. (refer below screenshot)


Step 4: under the "Compose" tab, you have the options mentioned below - 

  1. Select SMS Template

  2. Select mobile number column from .csv file.

  3. Insert dynamic field from the .csv to your SMS content. 

  4. Add media file. (We can send MMS campaign as well)




Step 5: In the "Validate" tab, you can review the created campaign. (refer below screenshot)


Step 6 - In the "Send" tab you have two option available - 

  1. Send Now (to shoot SMS Campaign immediately)

  2. Schedule  (to shoot SMS Campaign for future date and time) Please refer below image - 


Also, to send one to one SMS you can use conversation view - 

  1. When you click on a button highlighted in the image below the conversation view tab will be opened. 

  2. Click Start SMS / Text conversation for the new one to one conversation. Please refer image below -