To send out group SMS's or campaigns, please follow the below steps:

Step 1 : Log in to your customer portal. Once you are logged in the portal, Goto Campaigns and select "SMS Campaigns" from the drop down (refer below screenshot)





Step 2: On the campaign page, you can either create a new campaign or re-run an existing one (refer below screenshot)



Step 3: While creating a new campaign, please enter the appropriate details in the specified fields and upload a .csv file (or you can choose an existing .csv file) and then click on "Save And Next" button. (refer below screenshot)

Step 4: under the "Test and Confirm" section, enter one or more mobile numbers separated by a comma in the field shown below "Test Campaign" and by clicking on the "Send Test List" button you can send out test SMS to mentioned numbers. Once testing is done, click "Next". (refer below screenshot)



Step 5: In the "Review And Send" section, you can just review the created campaign and click on "Shoot Campaign" button. (refer below screenshot)