If the user who originally set the OAuth is inactive, to reset/revoke OAuth for the same user all you need to do is:

Go to Setup>Manage Users>Users here, click on the full name of the user.


Once on the user detail page, scroll below and search for the section which says "OAuth Connected Apps". In this section, you can go ahead and revoke all the OAuth permissions for the SMS Magic Interact Application only (refer below screenshot)

Once these OAuth from the particular user profile is/are revoked, then the new user (i.e the one who is active and wants to set OAuth) can go ahead and follow the below instructions to setup OAuth and receive incoming messages in Salesforce.


· Step 1 – Click on SMS Settings

· Step 2 – Click on Incoming SMS Settings

· Step 3 – Click on the Production Link/Sandbox Link (Please click on Production if you are logged in into your production org or else click on Sandbox if you are logged in into your Sandbox Org)


Providing you a snapshot for reference –

After you click on the Production/Sandbox Link, there may be two scenarios here - 

1. Scenario 1 - You will be redirected to another page asking for access permissions for third party website with a button saying “Allow”.

2. Scenario 2 - You will be redirected to a new page which would turn out to be BLANK.


If you face the first scenario, please refer to the scenario 1 which is explained below, but, if you face the second scenario where a blank page turns up, then please skip scenario 1 which is explained below and resume to follow instructions from scenario 2.


Scenario 1


· When you click on the Production/Sandbox Link, a new tab will open in the same browser. This tab will contain access permissions to third party websites (the customer portal).

Please click on ALLOW | you will be then redirected to the customer portal.

This is how your customer portal will be looking (sharing an image for reference) –

· Step 4 – Click on the admin name which is located on the top right corner ( drop down list), and then click on App Config.

Sharing an image for your reference –

· After you click on App Config | you will be redirected to the next page. Please check whether there is a notification saying “OAuth Access is enabled”

Sharing an image for reference – 

If you can see this notification, then you are done with the settings. You will now receive incoming messages too!


Scenario 2

· If a blank page turns up, please close this blank page and then open a new tab in your browser, enter ‘https://sms-magic.in/

· For Production users, Click on ‘Sign in with Salesforce’.

· For Sandbox users, first select the ‘Use Sandbox’ checkbox and then click on ‘Sign in with Salesforce’.

· You will be now logged into your customer portal.

· Now go back to your previous tab in the browser which has your Salesforce instance open | SMS Settings | Incoming SMS Settings | click on the ‘Production/Sandbox link’ now.

· A new tab will open in your browser with your customer portal logged in. Now please follow the steps as explained from Scenario 1