As per the query, you would like to know that - from your last SMS Campaign sent, how many of the responses were opt out's - for this, we created a "New View" on the lead objects list view. The filters applied for checking the same are "Last Modified Date" is greater or equal to "3/06/2016" (the specified date on which the campaign was sent) and "SMS Opt Out" is "True". Steps to configure the same are given below:

First of all create a new view on the lead object (refer below screenshot)

On the next page, you can enter the appropriate details as well as apply the filter criteria's which are necessary (in your case, you want to check leads having SMS opt out as true):

As shown in the below screenshot, you can add the fields you want to display on this view and can restrict the visibility as well:


Once the appropriate details are filled, you can save the view and will be able to see the members whose SMS opt-out is set as true. The same logic can be applied on the Incoming SMS tab to check the incoming response for that particular date.