Regarding the SMS restrictions specific to the country i.e Philippines as are given below:

  •  Sender Id : Needs to be registered with the provider. Pure Alpha & has to be within 11 alpha characters.

    You cannot use Australian number / UK / International number as a Sender IDs in the Philippines due to restrictions. The Philippines network carriers will block the SMS.

    Unicode (i.e An SMS containing text in any other language apart from English, is treated as Unicode) is not supported on any Philippines networks.

    SMS traffic can be used for A2P (i.e Application to People ) only. It is strictly prohibited for P2P (i.e Person to Person) traffic.

    MO volumes must not exceed MT volumes.

    Pre-configuration of the SMS content should be done.

    If you have any other SMS Content which you are planning to use for the campaign apart from the one already registered, then you need to share the content first.