In our latest version of SMS Magic Interact, you can use "List view configuration" to reach out Mass Audience 


Please refer below link to download step by step guide on how to use List view Configuration to send out messages in bulk-:

You can also schedule list view configuration. Please follow below steps to set up the same:

1. Create a configuration in the list view which you want to schedule.

2. Go to SMS Scheduler app and click on New. You will see the below screen:

4. Select the of the list view configuration which you want to send from the drop down list and schedule it according to your preferred date and time.

We do not get the recurring scheduling option for SMS Scheduler version 1.7 and above. We actually need to create a static resource and upload a file. Please follow the below steps to see the recurring option in scheduling message.

1. Download the file I have attached in this email.

2. Go to Set up -> Static Resources -> Create a New Static resource and name it as   'RecurringSchedule' (please ensure the name is  'RecurringSchedule' as it is used in the code at our end)

3. Choose file RecurringSchedule.txt attached to the solution

4. Save the static resource.

5. Now you should be able to see the recurring option in the objects and list view configuration for which you want to schedule messages.