We added a new functionality on In-Build conversation view with version 1.45 of our SMS Magic Interact application. With this functionality we can now add a new section on the page layout which will contain Conversation View. 

Following are certain things required to add Conversation View to the page layout:

  • SMS Magic Interact Version should be 1.45 or higher.
  • There must be at least one lookup field (on both Incoming SMS and SMS History objects) of the object for which you are generating conversation view.
  • Remote Site settings needs to be added to the base URL (Salesforce URL) of the Org to allow page creation.
Once all the requirements are fulfilled, we can take the following steps that needs to be taken in order to create Conversation View on the page layout:

  • Go to Setup -> Enter VisualForce Page in Quick Find -> Click on ‘Visualforce pages.’ On the Visualforce pages list, click on ‘CreateConversationView’ page.

Conversation View.jpg

  • Click ‘Preview’
  • Enter the Label and Name for the new page to be created. You need to also select the object for which this page should be used. The Label and Name fields follow the Salesforce naming conventions.

Create page.jpg

  • Click on ‘Generate SMS Conversation Page’ button and wait for confirmation message.
  • Go to ‘Edit Layout’ of object selected on previous page. Add a section with height of minimum 550 px and add the newly generated visualforce page in this section.