You have two options to send SMS's to multiple recipients simultaneously through our application:

  1. You can add "Send Bulk SMS" button to an object search layout (plz refer our resource centre for detailed steps - ) From search layout,you can send SMS's to 200 records at a time.
  2. You can add Leads/Contacts to a campaign & use "Run SMS Campaign" button to send SMS to all campaign members. (To know more about how to send bulk SMS from Campaign, you can refer this link -

If you wish to send SMS's to more than 200 records,we will suggest you to go with second option 'Run SMS Campaign'.

Also with our latest version of SMS Magic Interact, you can use "List view configuration" to reach out Mass Audience (This is available only with Automation Subscription plan).

Please refer below link to download step by step guide on how to use List view Configuration to send out messages in bulk-: