You can use SMS Magic to capture service rating/Feedback score received via SMS from your customer.


  1. You need to opt for dedicated incoming number with SMS Magic of the country in which you want to send out messages.
  2. Setup Incoming Lookup Configuration correctly so that correct customer record can be associated with incoming SMS record.
  3. Feedback will be captured if customer respond only with number for rating.

Step 1: Send SMS/Email to Customer asking for feedback/service rating 

e.g. Send SMS to Contact record requesting for feedback score/ service rating. In this template XXXXXXXX stands for dedicated incoming number.

Hi {!Contact.firstname}, 


On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate our service so far? Please reply with a score between 1 and 10 on XXXXXXXX. 1 being poor 10 being superior.

Thanks from Client Experience team.

Step 2: Capture response from customer as an Incoming SMS in your Salesforce CRM.

With SMS Magic, you can see the Incoming response detail in Incoming SMS tab salesforce and with Incoming lookup configuration, you can relate particular incoming SMS with customer based upon mobile number of customer.

For setting up lookup configuration please check below link-:

Once you have relation in between Incoming Response and Customer record, you can easily pull the feedback score from SMS Text with the help of Process Builder.

Step 3: Setup Process Builder to capture feedback score /Service rating.

  •  Setup "Service Rating" field on Contact record with data type "Number" -:

  • Setup Process Builder on Incoming SMS object whenever new Incoming SMS record is created.

  • In "Rule Criteria" check if that incoming response has been looked up with customer record or not. ( i.e.[smagicinteract__Incoming_SMS__c].smagicinteract__Contact__c Is null Boolean False)

If Customer record is found, update the Service Rating field of customer/contact record with "SMS Text" value of Incoming SMS record to capture feedback (Please check screen-shot for more detail). 

Set below new field values for the contact record you update-:

Service Rating Formula VALUE([smagicinteract__Incoming_SMS__c].smagicinteract__SMS_Text__c)

Feedback will be captured if customer respond only with number for rating.

I hope you find this useful.