Pardot can be integrated with SMS Magic and automated messages can be sent out using pardot by using our add on package SMS on Workflow (Available only with Automation subcription). You can refer our below article for getting the details of how to use SMS on Workflow package:

Pardot can be integrated with SMS Magic by following the below steps:

1. Create a XML confirguration through our workflow package by clicking on SMS On Workflow.

2. Copy the configuration name you just created.

3. Go to Pardot and select/create a pardot form.

4. Add campaign details.

5. Configure the phone field to trigger SMS.

6. Write text content in Completion Actions and create a salesforce task.

7. Paste the XML configuration name you copied from the 1st step.

8. Confirm and save.

Whenever the criteria is met an automated message would be sent to user. You can refer below link for step by step configuration and integration of Pardot with SMS Magic.