French Long Codes may only be used for Person to Person content messaging. This is a regulatory requirement. Marketing and one-way A2P is strictly not allowed and our Carrier will block high volumes of message attempts originating from the same Virtual Number. For this reason, and to make sure your traffic does not get blocked, we recommend to customers who are sending both “notification-only messages” (that do not require a response) and “notifications-requesting-response messages” to differentiate the sender as follows: 

    • Use sender = {your brand} : for “notification only” messages, i.e. that do not require a response.
    • Use sender = {your long virtual number} : for messages that you want your users to be able to reply to, other than for unsubscription purposes, i.e. STOP.
    • Outbound messages from French Long Virtual Numbers are throttled at 1 SMS every 2 seconds.

    Due to technology issues at the Carrier's end, accented characters will be changed to remove the accents on all handset terminated (outbound) SMS. See full information about downgraded characters below:

    ä a
    å a
    æ a
    Ä A
    Å A
    Æ A
    é e
    è e
    É E
    ì i
    ò o
    ö o
    ø o
    Ö O
    Ø O
    ù u
    ü u
    Ü U
    ^ space and A
    { space and (
    } space and )
    \ space and /
    [ space and <
    ~ space and =
    ] space and >
    | space and I
    ç space and c
    space and e