This solution is for Zoho users who are facing issue while completing the Zoho API Connect  step on SMS - magic portal (where the Zoho CRM Credentials are not accepted even if they are right)

--> This happens due to 2-factor authentication on Zoho

Step 1

  • Log in to your Zoho CRM.

  • Click on the tools Icon (as shown in the image below).


  • Click on My Account


  • Click on Two Factor Authorization.


  • Click on Manage Application Specific Passwords.

  • Enter the Device (or) App Name as ‘SMS Magic’.

  • Enter your current Zoho password.

  • Click on Generate.

  • Once you click on Generate, you will see a new password generated.

  • Copy this password and save it. (we need to use this password to complete SMS Magic setup)

Step 2

  • Goto in a new tab.

  • Sign in using your sms magic credentials. (if you are already logged in, then logout and again log in)

  • Once you sign in, you will see the following page (check the following screenshot).


  • Here type in your Zoho username

  • And type in the password that you generated in step 1.

  • Click on Save.