The integration checks are:

  1. First of all, you should create a "Translation workbench" in your org with the desired language. To do the same, please go to Setup -> Type "Translation workbench" in the quick search box, click on "Enable" button and fill in the below details as required. The below screenshot can help:


  2. Now, we need to add the translation for various salutations in your org. To do that, go to Setup -> Type "Translate" in the quick search box and provide the required parameters as shown below: 


  3. In the "Master Picklist Value Label" section, choose "Name" and add the desired translations for the various salutations listed there.

  4. And the last but not the least, before sending out the SMS, you need to change the language of the user and you should be all set to send SMS in the desired language

  5. Also, you need to have SMS Magic Interact 1.46 and SMS on Workflow 1.22 or above in your org.