To achieve this, firstly, you need to create an email template. To create an email template, Go To Setup >> Customization >> Templates. Here you can create a New Email Template on the SMS History Module with all the required merge fields & save the email template to "Public Email Folder" (Refer the below screenshot for the same).


Once the email template is created, create a webhook on the SMS history module to send an email notification whenever an incoming SMS is received. To do so, please follow the below steps:

  • Create a Webhook on "SMS History" Module.
  • In the "When" section, select "On A Record Action" as "Create"
  • In the "Which Record" section, select the option "Records Matching The Conditions" and set the condition as "Direction" >> "is" >> "IN" (i.e in the SMS History module, the Direction shown as IN is for Incoming SMS & Direction shown as "OUT" is for outgoing SMS)
  • Under the "Instant Action" section, select "Send Email". Here, you can select the appropriate Email Recipients from the dropdown or can add Additional Recipients email addresses as well. Also, once you scroll down, you can select the appropriate Email Template i.e The email template which you just created, and set the From section as well & save the configurations.

Once you save the configured webhook, you can test it out and do let us know the test results.