USE CASE - Create a campaign and add members with the status "Sent". Once the SMS is sent using "Run SMS Campaign" button, the member status should be auto-updated to "Responded".

Please follow these steps to configure the above use case (You can refer the video tutorial as well) - 

  • Create a new process builder on the SMS History for updating the member status. (Setup > Process Builder > New)
  • Select the object as "SMS History"
  • Add the criteria as "Campaign" "Is Null" "Boolean" "False"
  • Add action as "Update record"
  • Now select the object to update as "Campaign Member"
  • Select the Field "Status" "picklist" "Responded"
  • Save.
  • Activate.

Video Tutorial -

Once the configuration is done, try running the campaign with one member with the "sent" status. Once the SMS is sent, refresh the Campaign record page, the member status will change to "responded".