Problem Statement -: Whenever we try and save any changes made to any profile, then we get the error as per below image-:

Solution -:

This error is coming from salesforce side because profile is missing required permissions which has dependency for below permission which might be already active for this profile -:

  1. Create/Read/Edit/Delete permission for "Incoming MMS Details" object
  2. Create/Read/Edit/Delete permission for "LV MMS Details" object
  3. Create/Read/Edit/Delete permission for "MMS Details" object.

To be able to access above mentioned object, you first need to provide required dependent missing permission for below object (at least read permission is required)-:

  1. SMS History object
  2. Incoming SMS object
  3. List View Configurations

Once you enable access for SMS History, Incoming SMS and List View Configurations object, you will no longer receive above mentioned error message while saving profile.

You can refer below link for resolution of this problem -:

NOTE: If you encounter this issue when working in the Enhanced Profile Interface, you may need to turn off "Enhanced Profile User Interface" (Setup | Customize | User Interface) to be able to address all validation errors stemming from missing permissions. You may re-enable "Enhanced Profile User Interface" after updating the profile.