If you have multiple users with their dedicated sender ID's and want the respective user to be assigned as the owner of SMS History record (both incoming and outgoing) then please follow the steps mentioned below to configure it (refer the video link):


  1. Log in to Zoho CRM.
  2. Go to Setup.
  3. Click on Workflow rules.
  4. Create rule.
  5. Select the module as "SMS History"
  6. Add a rule name as per requirement.
  7. Now select the "When - Execute this workflow during a Record Action." as CREATE.
  8. Under "Which Record" select "Sender ID" "is" "[your sender ID]" 
  9. Under Instant Actions, click on "Actions" and select "Field Update".
  10. Now click on "New update" and add an appropriate name as per your requirement.
  11. Select "Update" "Owner" "= [username - to whom it should be assigned to]"  

If you have multiple sender ID's, then you will need to create as many workflow rules where you just need to change the Sender ID values and the user to whom it should be assigned to.