If you want to notify a Salesforce user via chatter notifications in SF1 app on arrival of a new incoming message, please follow the below steps.


First, we have to create a process builder on the "Incoming SMS" object. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Go to Setup. 
  • In the quick find search box, type "Process builder".
  • Click on "create new process builder".
  • Name the process builder accordingly. 

  1. Click on Add Object and select Incoming SMS from the list  -

  1. Click on Save

  2. Click on Add Criteria to define the criteria for which you want to send a push notification.

  1. We can define the criteria for push notification accordingly. The below criteria is set for every incoming SMS -  

  1. Click on Save.

  2. In the Immediate Actions, click on Add Action.

  1. Choose Action Type as "Post to Chatter".

  1. Select the value of "Post to" as a "User".

  1. Select the username whose profile should be chosen as the one sending the chatter notifications. I have chosen to notify the record owner of the Related Contact/Lead and chose the user logged into the system at that point in time(Prashant Kumbhar in the below example), as the initiator of the feed: 

  2. In the message box, enter your message content and tag the user to whom you want to notify. Given below is the syntax for tagging the owner of the Incoming SMS record(Eshwar Joshi in this case)-         
  3. The field used here:    @[{![smagicinteract__Incoming_SMS__c].OwnerId}]                       

We can directly open the Reply window by using below link in the salesforce1 application, all you need is to include this URL in the chatter feed, as shown in the image below.

The URL is - https://ap2.lightning.force.com/apex/smagicinteract__SendSMSAction?id={![smagicinteract__Incoming_SMS__c].smagicinteract__Contact__c}

  1. Click on "Save" and Activate your process builder.

  2. Now send an incoming message. Check the notification in the Salesforce1 application. 


Once you click on the Notification link in Salesforce 1 application, it will redirect us to the Reply page of the contact record- 


Note: If I am the owner of a contact record and my contact replies to my message, I should be notified about the arrival of the incoming SMS. However, if I am the same person who is the owner of the Incoming SMS too, I won't get the notification. The reason is that you can't notify yourself using a chatter feed in Salesforce.