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To enable call forwarding on Twilio numbers you have to follow below steps - 

  • Go to Twilio's portal (www.twilio.com). 
  • Click on Phone Numbers (Refer below image) - 

  • Search for the number on which you want to configure the call forwarding. 
  • Click on the number you will get below screen - 

  • You have to configure URLs in two tabs mentioned below - 
  1. A CALL COMES IN. (http://twimlets.com/forward?PhoneNumber=mention number here on which call will be forwarded)
  2. PRIMARY HANDLER FAILS. (http://twimlets.com/forward?PhoneNumber=mention number here on which call will be forwarded)


Example - 

If customer has raised a request with us to enable call forwarding on their inbound number 7185579278(purchased from Twilio) and call should be forwarded to 7189899723 then you have to follow above steps and configure URLs as  http://twimlets.com/forward?PhoneNumber=7189899723

Once this is done click on Save. You can test this configuration by calling on the inbound number. 

Also, you can enable custom voice message on the inbound number. Please refer below solution for the same -