you need three steps to create Incoming SMS Alert :

  1. SMS template on Incoming SMS

  2. SMS on Workflow

  3. Workflow (Salesforce)

1. SMS Template on Incoming SMS.

  • Goto SMS Settings from SMS Magic Interact


  • Click on Configure Template type

  • image

  • Click on New  SMS Template Type

  • image

  • Select Incoming SMS from the Drop Down List

  • image

  • Goto SMS Template

  • Click on New Template

  • Give a Name 

  • Select Incoming SMS from the Object list

  • Write in the SMS and Save it

2. Create SMS on Workflow:

You can check the below link to create SMS on workflow:

3. Create a Workflow(Salesforce)

To create a workflow goto Setup --> Workflow rule(find in quick find search box) --> Create new workflow and following steps:

  • Select Incoming SMS as the Object:

  • image

  • Click on Next

  • For the Next step Refer below image:

  • image

  • Click Next

  • Step 3: Click on Add Workflow Action's and New Task

  • image

  • Fill in the details and add the Configuration of SMS on Workflow in the Comment Section.