For Salesforce Lightning and Classic view

This document provides a step-by-step process for creating a Visualforce page with lightning components. You can associate this page with ‘Send Bulk SMS’ button to send out messages in Salesforce Lightning as well as the Classic view.

Configuring the new Send Bulk SMS page is a 3 step process. Kindly find below the details of each step along with the screenshots:

A) Create Send Bulk SMS Visualforce Page

Prerequisite: In order to create this Visualforce page, remote site settings should be added under ‘Security Controls’ for your Salesforce org. You will find the details below:

  1. Login to your Salesforce account and go to “Setup Home.”

       2. Search for “Visualforce Pages” in Quick Find and click on it.

    3. Search for “CreateBulkView” and preview this page.

    4. Fill the form displayed in order to create a Visualforce page for Bulk SMS button.

  1. Page Label: Enter the desired page label for your reference.
  2. Page Name: This will be auto-populated based on the page label you have entered.
  3. Select object: Choose the object for which you wish to create the button.
  4. Select OptOut Field: Select the OptOut field. This column will display all the fields with type as Checkbox.
  5. OptOut Default Value: Select the default value you wish to set when you are sending out messages. You can change the value of this field while sending out messages.
  6. Select Unrelated Object: If you wish to include dynamic fields of unrelated objects while sending out a message, choose the unrelated object from the list. You can select multiple unrelated objects. You can get more details on this in our 1.45 Release Notes  under “Use fields of different Objects in a Template.”
  7. Select Phone Fields: Select the phone field to which message has to be sent. You can select multiple phone fields.
  8. Select a Name Field: Select the field that will be displayed along with the number in the Send SMS page. (e.g. First Name)


5. Once you hit ‘Create’ you will get a success notification for creating  a Bulk SMS Contact page as shown below:

    6. If remote site settings are not configured for your org, you will see the error message after you click on ‘Create’

  1. To configure remote site settings, copy the URL mentioned in the ‘endpoint’ of the error message. This URL will be different for your organization so make sure you copy this URL from you error page screen.
    Now go to ‘Setup Home’ and search for ‘Remote Site Settings’ in Quick Find

        3. Click on New Remote Site and fill in the details:

        4. Make sure that you have set the ‘Remote Site Setting’ to active. Click on save and you are good to go.

B) Create a Send SMS Button for the Object to use the Visualforce page

  1. Go to Setup Home and search for “Object Manager” in quick find.
  2. Select the object for which you wish to create the Send Bulk SMS button

Fill the details of the button as mentioned below

  1. Label: Add the desired label of the button for your reference.
  2. Name: Will auto-populated based on the label name.
  3. Description: Brief description of what the button would do.
  4. Display Type: Choose List Button as display type and check ‘Display Checkboxes’ check box.
  5. Behavior: Choose the desired behavior.
  6. Content Source: Choose Visualforce page and then choose the Visualforce page created in Step A.
  7. Save

    5. A new button will be created for Contact Object.

C) Add the button created in Step B to the Object’s page layout

  1. Go to Setup Home and search for “Object Manager” in quick find.
  2. Select the object for which you wish to create the ‘Send Bulk’ SMS button


     3. Go to the Search Layout and edit the List View layout:

    4. Add the button created in Step B (New Bulk SMS) to the Select Button List as shown below:

    5. You can now use this button from the Object’s ‘List View’.

Even if you have not moved to Salesforce Lightning, you can follow the above steps in Salesforce Classic view for a  similar experience.

Kindly contact care@screen-magic for more details and assistance.