Create an Activity History for incoming SMS →

  • Click on setup. In the quick find box, search for “process builder”. And click on process builder.

  • Click on New.

  • Write in a name and description.

  • Select the object as “Incoming SMS” and choose “Only when a record is created”

  • Select criteria for Executing Action as “Conditions are met” and set condition as “ field = smagicinteract__Contact__c ” , “operator = is null ” , “Type = Boolean” , “Value = False”.

“use criteria relevant to object you are planning to create activity history. Above criteria are for contact object ”

  • Then in Immediate action click on Add action.

  • Select the action type to be Create a record then type in a name and then select Task as the record type.

  • Then fill in the Set field values as given below. (also refer to the image below)

Assigned to ID  -- reference -- [incomingsms].ownerID

Priority -- picklist -- normal

Status -- Picklist -- Completed

Name Id-- reference -- contact.recordId

Due date only -- reference -- Formula -- today()       //This is a formula

Subject -- string -- Incoming SMS Activity History

Description -- reference -- SMS Text