Create an Activity History for SMS History →

  • Click on setup. In the quick find box, search for “process builder”. And click on process builder.

  • Click on New.

  • Write in a name and description.

  • Select the object as “SMS History” and choose “Only when a record is created”

  • Select criteria for Executing Action as “Conditions are met” and set condition as “ field = smagicinteract__Contact__c ” , “operator = is null ” , “Type = Boolean” , “Value = False”.

“ use criteria relevant to object you are planning to create activity history. Above criteria are for contact object ”

  • Then in Immediate action click on Add action.

  • Select the action type to be Create a record then type in a name and then select Task as the record type.

  • Then fill in the Set field values as given below. (also refer to the image below)

Above image is only for the reference, how process builder and task looks like. 

Please follow the below points which need to be added into the task-

Assigned to ID  -- reference -- [smshistory].ownerID

Priority -- picklist -- normal

Status -- Picklist -- Completed

Name Id-- reference -- contact.recordId

Due date only -- reference -- Formula -- Today()       //This is a formula

Subject -- string -- Activity History

Description -- reference -- SMS Text