When you are trying to upgrade SMS magic Interact package and get the "The user license doesn't allow Assigned App" error, the upgrade stops. Here is what happens in the background:

  • We are trying to upgrade the "SMS Interact Permission set" for all the users in your org when you upgrade.
  • While trying to do so, it seems there are certain "Community user" license users in your org who are assigned the SMS Interact permission set and the community user profile doesn't have the permission to upgrade any permission set
  • As a result, the upgrade isn't happening


  • Please de-allocate the "SMS Interact Permission set" from all the community users before the upgrade
  • Perform the upgrade
  • Assign the newly featured "Conversation User Permission set" and "Template Author Permission set" profile to the community users post the upgrade, that would let send SMS without interrupting the upgrades in future.

P.S.(the definition of the permissions are):

  • Template Author Permission set: Enables the profile to be able to edit and create SMS Templates in the SF org
  • Conversation User Permission set: This enables the user to be able to send SMS. He won't be able to create SMS templates or senderID, however, send SMS using the existing configurations only.