SenderId :

If you have the Incoming number assigned to your account, it will appear in the senderID drop down while creating the campaign. To create senderId go to SMS Services tab -> select the country from the Coverage section -> Under Outgoing -> Click on Add SenderID button. 

SMS Template :

Create SMS template by following the below steps:

1. Go to Campaign tab - > SMS Template

2. Click on New button

3. Give a name to the Template. Select Template Type as Campaign as the SMS will be send through campaign. Compose the Message and click on Save.

Creating CSV : 

We recommend you to please create CSV using google sheets and import it as .csv file and upload it while running the campaign.

Steps to run campaign :

1. Login to SMS Magic portal. Go to Campaign -> SMS Campaign -> create Campaign



2. Give a name to the campaign. In the senderID drop-down, select the senderID and in Recipient List, you can upload the CSV. Once all the fields are filled click on next. Right now each csv file are allowed to have max 20,000 records.



3. Select the template. Select the field which contains the mobile number. Click on next.


4. In Validate part :

a. You can test the campaign by providing your number in the highlighted part or click on Skip.

b. In addition, any record with below are two criteria will be considered as an invalid mobile number:

1. If a record is empty. Therefore, please ensure the mobile number field is not empty.

2. If the record has alphanumeric content i.e. mobile number should only be numeric.

c.  Check  to how many mobile numbers the SMSs will be sent by clicking on click here 

5. Lastly, you can schedule the campaign or shoot it immediately.


Things to be kept in mind while running the campaign :

1. Campaign name should be unique for every new campaign. 

2. Please do not copy-paste text from advanced text editors like MS-Word to avoid unsupported characters appearing in your delivered messages.

3. You can send 20,000 SMS in one go.